Dental implants are artificial roots which support and retain prosthetic teeth. They are the most consistent and lasting way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants have been used in dentistry for decades with great results.

There are various protocols used for implant dentistry.

These are the most common and the methods we use at DENTAL ROOTS.

> One-Stage Dental Implants

This method is highly successful if used on the right type of case. This method depends on finding ideal conditions after a thorough diagnostic. One stage dental implants tend to be most successful on front teeth. Additionally, they are great for totally edentulous jaws which can take four to six implants and be restored immediately.

> Two-Stage Dental Implants

This is the most common implant method used at DENTAL ROOTS. Due to the healing period between the first and second stage, the body is able to create a strong junction between the titanium dental implants and the bone structure, resulting in a longer-lasting restoration. The two stages are usually completed in a time period of four to six months.

We use only the finest materials available.