Root Canal Treatment:

Whenever there is a decay, and it involves the nerves and blood supply of the tooth, the Root Canal Treatment is indicated.

Various symptoms that patient give during damage to the tooth that require root canal treatment are:
1) Severe pain while biting or when there is pressure on the tooth.
2) When there is severe sensitivity to hot and cold food stuff and pain linger on for seconds to minutes even after stimulus is removed.
3) Pain increases in lying down posture.
4) Inflamed area on gums with pus discharging or sinus tract.

During these symptoms visit your Dentist as soon as possible. Doctor will listen to your symptoms and look for other signs clinically and radiographically and then may proceed to do root canal treatment.

If there is any signs of abbess or severe infection doctor may prescribe you the antibiotics depending upon the situation.
The factors that may include tooth damage that is indicated for RCT are:
1. Dental decay – most common
2. Trauma
3. Severe inflammation of pulp due to thermal stimuli
4. Toxins of the bacteria
5. Retrograde infection from gums to the tooth

During the procedure, the pulp chamber of the tooth is opened. Disinfection of the canals are done by various irrigants such as saline and other chemicals. Canals in the root are prepared by files and other instrument till full length of the root. Finally, an biocompatible and inert material is filled into the canal and RCT is completed. The tooth is then restored, and crown is given.

Direct Pulp Capping:

When dental decay is deep, and while removing the decay there is exposure of the pulp, the dentist may place a medicament usually Calcium hydroxide, MTA or biodentin over the exposed pulp surface and tooth is then allowed to heal.

There are certain criteria to determine whether a tooth can go for DPC or not and that criteria will be evaluated by your dentist. For more info-kindly contact Texla Dental Hospital.

Apexogenesis and Apexification:

These are the procedures that are performed on young permanent teeth. These procedures are performed when the root of any young permanent teeth which may be Vital(Living) or non-vital(Dead) is incompletely formed.

Apexogenesis and apexification are aimed to induce the root formation of young permanent teeth. For more info on Root Canal Treatments in Mohali Contact Us.